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A disturbed mind

There’re happy times in life. And then there are happier times (in view of the optimist residing within me), which make the sad times look more crappy (the antagonist to the optimist). Life being full of ups and downs, or twists and turns, or compressions and rarefactions (for the geeky), or strained and relaxed (for the normal folks), things really haven’t been smooth around me (like duh)!

First it begins with happiness, butterflies in my stomach, and I’m celebrating, spreading happiness, thinking optimistic about everything. And then there’s the part where life plays a bitch. The source of my happiness disappears, then the world starts debating (thanks to my spreading my happiness). A set of people mock me, one bunch can’t believe it, one bunch choose not to believe it, and the rest of the world’s just ridiculing. There’s one idiot who’d sympathize, but managed to time when his laptop would get screwed, making him non-communicate-able. Aaagrh! I’m so angry that I could beat someone up! I hope this would ease my mind. Rest in peace, anger.


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A special day

The fourteenth of February. Boy, is that day becoming a big hype in our country or what?! Special programs, special moral policing (courtesy Sri Ram Sena), special fightbacks (a.k.a The pink chaddi campaign), and of course: special thoughts. Hmmm. So much to that. Shashank says I’d be the biggest fool (term changed to maintain decency) if I’m in France without a valentine on the fourteenth of February. It was sad that I had to spend v-day all by myself, but it doesn’t look like it’s a big deal (not that it would’ve been a big deal the other way either). Nothing’s very special about v-day out here: the air is just as romantic, the weather is ever pleasing – come on! These people celebrate love all year around – so it doesn’t matter that there’s only one Feb14 in the year. But coming to think about it, I did have a valentine. Correction, three. Fun during the week building up to the special day: Johns Hopkins U, Purdue U, and UC Berkeley all royally screwed me. 🙂

Update: This post was written on the 15th of February – it’s taken me a while to put it up. So by taking the last week into consideration, I would like to add NUS to the list (not very pleasant, but true). And this post I came across is good – a good ridicule of Sri Ram Sena and the pink chaddi campaign.

Now we’ve reached the point where I digress from the topic. This month has been pretty eventful: several application rejects. Reminds me of Nikhil’s post: it truly is priceless to receive your first reject letter (through e-mail that too). The application fever’s finally gone down and the responses have started! We’ve been running around with recommendation letters, statements of purpose, transcripts, and what not?! All these days were spent on courier, app fee, score reporting, and now anxiety builds up in anticipation of the response. Now with undergraduation drawing to an end, serious thoughts about what to do with life running rife – as always leads to confusion. But things will eventually fall in place, and life moves on. Tell me about making that line a cliché.

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