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The darker side

Of me. Oh, that was the intended title: the darker side of me. But somehow I’ve managed to hit the tab key before I could complete. Never mind. I’ve been watching a lot of a television show named criminal minds, of late. For the criminally challenged, it’s about the behavioural analysis unit of the FBI, just like House MD is about a doctor, Heroes is about abnormal folks, and How I met your mother is about Barney. Now wait a minute, was it? Anyways, that is immaterial. And as it usually happens when one does too much of something, one starts imagining things. An empty alley appears like a murder site, I walk down my apartment corridor apprehensive of someone suddenly springing up in front of me holding a gun. And my friend Ashwin started wondering what it would be to start randomly murdering people – and I actually said if there wasn’t a stresser or a motive, no one would be able to track it down. But neither of us are psychopaths – no seriously, we wouldn’t dare murder anyone, or hurt anyone physically even.

But I did wonder what an evil side of me would look like. And incidentally I got into a conversation with Shashank. A random skype conversation led to the creation of this. A blog dedicated to boredom, and it’s for fun titled of wigs and muscles. Now that’s what an FBI behavioural analyst would call a devolution in a felon. And if you didn’t find this post incoherent enough, you might take your time to visit wigs and muscles. Trust me, you will regret it – at least once you read all the posts that are up on it. Cheers!


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