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It’s another year

What’s the big deal about birthdays, anyway?! Well, they keep coming every year. And to make things more mundane, they keep falling on the same date every year. But somehow, they just stand out for me. Birthdays are fun – gives you a reason to kick someone in their butt, to put cake on one’s face, go out and party. And what stand out to me are gifts and surprises. It’s not about the material value of it (of course, I wouldn’t decline if someone decides to gift me a car, bleh), but what it means to me.

Come third of January, I will be a year older and hypocritically wiser. This year, I really hope that you would join hands with me in order to fight a cause. We could help bring clean water to underprevileged people. How? There’s an organisation called charity: water, and they work on bringing clean water to remote areas that lack them. You can check this out to see how they operate, and they promise to spend all their funds on water development. I believe it’s a cause worth fighting for. If you share my thought, please pitch into my campaign to support bringing clean drinking water to Cambodia here.


The donations are made in USD, and you could make however small a contribution you wish. I opened the campaign with the first donation, and you could top it up!

And finally, as promised in the campaign I will send each one of you a thank-you postcard! When was the last time you had one in your mailbox? 🙂


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