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It’s a no-brainer that ours is male-centric one: from people craving for boy children, to women having to stand by their men while they succeed in their careers, is all commonplace. And we’re quite so used to it. Out of the blue, every now and then, there would be talks of women empowerment – namely when Women’s day comes around, or when a movie like Ki & Ka releases, or if we listen to RJ Balaji and get inspired. But otherwise, it’s quite gone from our day-to-day life. Ask your female colleague if she’d join in on a weekend party, and the go-to response would be “I’ll check with my husband and let you know.”

But that’s only one side of the story. In the great words of uncle Ben,

With great power comes great responsibility!

And thus the onus is upon the plug gender (as against the socket gender) to be the primary provider of any household, to be financially secure, and yet at the same time believe in equality. This pressure is never spoken out – it’s taken for granted.

When I was a kid, my dad used to advise me on the importance of education: and cite that my sisters would one day get married and settle down, but it is essential (especially being a boy from the brahmin community) that I study hard, score exceptionally well, and get a good job so that I can eventually settle down. I’ve managed to break pretty much every part of the stereotype tam-brahms are: I didn’t go the US for my yem-yes, took up a research-based study path from within India (man, who does that?), fell in love (a.k.a. made girl fall in love), get married before finishing studies (well the PhD is still viewed as an educational pursuit in India), ran a start-up becoming an entrepreneur, and what not! But hey, this isn’t about my life – I’m actually in a way an exception to this post.

So even if… (more…)


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