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People read newspapers for several reasons. The GRE-preparing dudes and dudettes read through just the editorials including the cut-copy-pasted articles from The Daily Telegraph, and the Paul Krugman’s column that feature in The Hindu. Some like me, claim to update themselves on the current affairs, and try reading through the headlines on every page. Then there is the third kind – who just look at the advertisements (like me till a couple of years ago). My grandfather reads The Hindu just to get some sleep.

Moving on, the inspiration to write this blog post half comes from here. His post on how to design Indian political posters was impressive. Last week, as part of my daily routine, I was sitting on the ground floor of VIT University‘s exceptional air-conditioned library, reading the only newspaper I could lay my hands on. The cover page of The Indian Express was of course filled with UPA’s celebrations, having proved it’s majority in the House. As I shut the paper and carried on with whatever work I was supposed to be following up, a full-page advertisement on the last page caught my eyes. People obviously couldn’t have missed the bright red and green colours used in the advertisement. It was posted by the Samajwadi Party, and it runs thus:

Indian politics

Click on the picture to read the finer details of the advertisement.

Now for those of you who intend taking up advertising in the future, here’s a classic example of how it is to be done!


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Lungi goes international

Not many know that the traditional Indian lungi was famous! In fact, that lungis are famous up North in our country was realized by me only today. Furthermore, googling “lungi” revealed that there’s a coastal town by that name in Sierra Leone which even has an international airport. But what drew my attention towards lungi today was this article on The Hindu – which said that lungis are going to be exported to the United Kingdom from Kurunjipadi. This chap from UK has placed an order with weavers from Chennai. And apparently he’s going to set up a website for it: http://www.lungi.co.uk (still under construction though) – with instructions on how to wear it in three simple steps. It seems to me that he hasn’t visited this site yet. Picture on the right courtesy google images, I’ve lost the link to the original one.

But all these resources online seem to provide only half the information required on tying a lungi. An important thing that’s left unsaid is how to fold it in half so that the inner boxer shorts (also referred to locally as pattapatti) are half-revealed. The basics of wearing a lungi can however be learnt online, thanks to this YouTube clip:

I’m not too sure if he got it right, but that clip should be of some use. And lungi has been patronized in Tamil cinema, which is evident from this movie.

The dhoti isn’t far behind in it’s international recognition. Here’s someone who isn’t an Indian explaining how to put one on:

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