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Presenting yet another smart arse trying to flaunt his knowledge about the ongoing epidemic/pandemic/stuck-in-between – like the amount of panic it put forward wasn’t enough already. And if in case you’re intrigued by the title, they’re golden words showered upon the South Indian film industry by comedian Vadivelu. In fact, he puts them in manadhai thirudi vittai (name of the movie, translates to “you stole my heart”) in the form of a song.

A drop of tear shedding from the corner of my eye. Priceless.

Nice overture to a post, isn’t it? Nikhil might beg to differ. But hey, we all have our own tastes. So coming back to the swine flu outbreak. I’m not going to write about what the thing is about – if you’re internet savvy enough to bother finding my blog and reading it, you’d know to look it up wikipedia, or look at recent news results on google. On the one hand, it is good that the internet provides you with any information required – it helps you be prepared should you face the disease. On the other, it does a mighty good job in creating mass hysteria.

Like the millions of others who cheaply use wikipedia and don’t contribute, I looked up the swine flu outbreak up the website. To begin with, WHO calls it as a phase 5 alert, which indicates that a pandemic is “imminent.” To worsen things, they’ve found the existing antiviral drugs ineffective. Tamiflu and relenza are the best bets for now, and it seems that the vaccine is months away. And the real icing on the cake is this: a live map showing where people are being infected and in numbers. Any person with a little anxiety disorder would go nuts if he gets his eyes on that. On the lighter side of things, people in the US seem to want to find a new name for the disease. No no, it’s not numerology – they want to decrease panic and increase pork sales it seems.

Casting a more optimistic glance on the whole issue, it does feel good that people & governments are becoming aware sooner this time. India for sure has started taking preventive measures, faster than their usual timing. Let us keep our fingers crossed, hoping we wouldn’t have to lose many lives over this.


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