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When the clock tics twelve …

The thirty first of december – late in the night when it’s about to strike twelve, you know you’re stepping into a new year! I’ve been through twenty of them so far – nothing exceptionally great – but each of them sepecial in their own ways. The dawn of a new year seems to be everyone’s chance to change – and even I took a resolution five years ago which I till date stick to – never to take another resolution! Oh come on! It’s over-rated – if you need to change something, you should do it right away – not wait for the end of the year!

So coming back to how my new years’ eve has been – every year it’s been different – I’ve had dad’s friends come over several times, I’ve spent one in college watching my good ‘ol Chancellor cut a 2kg cake to celebrate the new year (?!), spent quite a few of them sleeping – but the worst of all would be the one (probably three years ago) where I sat up all night with my sister to watch Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. I mean, seriously, I don’t think there’s a sadder way to spend new years’ eve than to watch a Karan Johar movie!

This year was pretty special in its own way – I’ve spent the night online. Wishing others, hugging family folks, and calling people up. I guess I’m not much of a party animal myself – but who knows – I’d probably land myself in a pub one fine new years’ eve! Who knows! So here’s wishing you all a very happy, prosperous, resolution-filled new year! 😀 Cheers!


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So long Soccer!

I walked down to my school today – after a good six months. Quite a few of my batch-mates were out there playing football like they do every evening. There once was a time when I used to adore the game (I probably still do, but it seems to have become a little less important) – when I used to talk football all the time, found out what happened every weekend on EPL, wished ManU won every title there was a club could win, stayed up late night to watch UEFA Champions League fixtures, fought with freinds over which club was better (as if I were the manager of one of them), and the list goes on.

It has been a while since I’ve been passionate about anything. I was fighting with shashank the other day about some arbit topic in organic chemistry with so much vigor, I’d have gone to the extent of slapping him, had he tried to refute my theory for a while longer. But this hasn’t been around for much time. Life’s been pretty bland. So coming back to today, my intentions of walking down to school wasn’t to play football, but to catch up with buddies who’d long not been contacted. In the process, I did manage to get my arse on the field, went mad playing barefoot, lost balance at one point, and went down on the ground screaming “superman” (more like how Jakie Chan did in Armour of God – part II) – and all this within a span of two minutes. I got up to realize I was terribly dehydrated (probably caused the fall in the first place), swallowed down a litre of water, and set foot back home. I had also managed to scratch both my knees – that’s one of the worst things you can subject yoursef too – burns like hell (even after hours), and takes a lifetime to heal. So when I stepped back home, I silently washed my legs, applied an ointment, and kept myself confined to my little room.

However, things aren’t as easy as they might seem. Your mom does (at one point of time) get to find out what you’ve been up to. She came up to me screaming “what have you done to yourself? do you have to try all these stunts with a week left for you to leave? what is wrong with you?” and so on. I definitely have to subject myself to one injection now, and it ought to fix it in a bit. Maybe it wouldn’t have hurt as much if I had been into the game. Perhaps my upcoming four months in France would help me regain my passion for the game.

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‘sup with you?

Citing Krish Ashok, “the oldest trick in blogsphere – Copy-paste moderately interesting GTalk conversation and pass it off as a post.”

Here’s another alternative that I managed to pull off: copy-paste random status messages and pass it off as a post. It’s amazing the amount of diversity you can find in these status messages. So let’s go on:

First I bring to you a classic subject of bollywood-type love failure (the Devdas kinds), and it runs thus:


Then we have the carnatic music lovers – especially with the Margazhi Music festival setting in:


Then there are some who’re ambitious (or frustrated I guess), but I leave it best to the one seeing it:


And to support ones with ambitions, there’re the encouraging kinds:


Some get philosophical (especially Prateek who according to me has become too nostalgic about college life):


And you know what they say to philosophy others can’t understand:


Then there’s this new kind of philosophy which makes little more sense:


Followed by this, I present you some desperation: mainly classified into three types:

a) ones which can’t help but sleep:


b) the near-extinct Kashmiri variants of homo sapiens:


and c) the ever-desperate idiots who’re forever single :


So when I feed you with so much data, you might be confused, just like Sandy:


So that brings us to the end of another pointless post! 🙂 I might be adding more should I find more useless status messages.

Disclaimer: any umbrage taken is purely your fault – I didn’t intend to harm you. Awww! And merry Christmas! 🙂


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We’re all gregarious creatures – we clearly are all on social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, hi5, and what not?! It’s interesting when you think about the amount of stuff you can find out about the other person – especially through the applications that run on Facebook. I have several of them on my list, my personal favourite being Mob Wars.

So much for that. Now here’s the part that’s super annoying. Everytime I sign into Facebook, there’re a whole bunch of notifications – which in fact makes me feel good, cuz I think there’s another album that’s been uploaded (now that the curtains have finally been drawn on college life) with pics of me, and that I’ve been tagged in an album (it’s nostalgia, publicity, all put together). However, last week when I signed in, it seems all my friends found something rather more interesting! There were about ten notifications – one after the other – stating “XYZ just answered a question about your personal life” – with a hyperlink asking me to allow that darned application to access my data! Phew!

My personal life

And to add fuel to fire, there’re more guys named in that list than girls (barring one, the rest are all dudes)! WTF*?! There is some sense in making the notifications catchy – but this is outrageous (regardless of how open I am about MY personal life)!

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It’s interesting the way the births/deaths register of the Chennai City Corporation works – they issue a birth certificate for the newborn without the name printed on it! This is for the benifits of those parents who’re yet to decide the name when the kid’s born.

But this obviously isn’t the reason for this post (duh!). The Chennai City Corporations’s website has loads of information. For all those of you who were born in Chennai (after 1960 I think), you can download and print your birth certificate for their website. It’s absolutely free of cost! And this printed thing is authentic – you don’t have to rush to the corporation office and fill some stupid form if you need to get another copy.

Believe in India Shining?! Chennai definitely is! 😀 And it seems my blog is taking a rather meaningful turn – providing information worth looking into. Don’t be too glad – I’ll be out with useless posts in no time. 😀 Cheers!

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Hullo! It’s been real long since I last wrote (despite several reminders from Nikhil warning me against not writing) – several reasons why (and I’m sure lethargy tops the list). However, this e-mail forward that I got this morning really got me interested. It was about choosing against not voting. Campaigns saying “If you’re not voting, you’re sleeping” has been up on TV for a while. And what if, WHAT IF you DID NOT want to vote for any of the contestants in your locality? Here’s a rule in the constitution that allows you to declare that none of the candidates are worthy. There’s a website that’s started a movement too – check http://www.49-o.info/ for more details. And of course, there’s Wikipedia to help us too: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/49-O

If any of you have already gotten the e-mail, there is a paragraph in that which sounds like quite an incentive: “if the number of nil-votes in your constituency exceeds the highest number of votes gotten by any candidate, re-polling would occur and those candidates would not be allowed to participate in the re-poll as people have already expressed their opinion about them.” However beneficial and logical this sounds, this is yet to be implemented (Duh!), and is just hearsay. However two petitions have been filed in to implement this.

Bottomline: let’s at least be aware of what rights we have! And for those of you (like me) who’re yet not on the voting list, you’ve to file in Form 6 to the Electoral Registrar Officer.

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