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Heard of double entendres? I feel they’re most explicit in shampoo bottles. Every flavour of shampoo that I’ve used somehow makes it sound like an alternative for an impotency pill. Look through Pantene’s products for example. Just let your imagination run wild, and you’d be amazed by the number of things these product names & descriptions could be used for. I bring to you some of them:

ANTI-FRIZZ. Helps protect and eliminate frizz.

BRUNETTE EXPRESSIONS DAILY COLOR ENHANCER. Experience multidimensional shine.

CLASSIC CARE CLEAN. The first step to a classic look.

EXTRA STRAIGHT. For looks that are defined and disciplined.

FULL & THICK. Helps strengthen hair against damage for a fuller look.

ICE SHINE. Use it as a foundation to an ice-shining look.

MOISTURE RENEWAL. Helps repair the look of damage.

NEW BEAUTIFUL LENGTHS. Grow longer & stronger.

MOISTURE BALANCE. Helps protect for touchable softness.

PRO-V RESTORATIVES TIME RENEWAL. Gently cleanses and leaves strands smooth.

RELAXED & NATURAL BREAKAGE DEFENSE. Helps shield each from future damage.


And my personal favourites (there’re two of them this time):

VOLUME. Helps boost your own natural volume.

RELAXED & NATURAL ANTI-DANDRUFF. Helps prevent flaking and relieves itching with regular use.

Oh boy! That almost sounded like an itch-guard alternative. That’s all for now – I’ve enriched my blog with yet another dose of useless random sh*t (or even worse) – I leave it for you to decide. So much to my “wandering thoughts.” Cheers!


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Good ‘ol college days

Nostalgia – I’m not sure if the word is over-rated. Seven weeks out of college, two weeks all by myself in foreign land, farewell videos played a dozen times, soothing sad music (now is that an oxymoron or what?!), dark lonely night (now this sounds like Shashank’s research topic) – I think all this has finally managed to kick in some sadness into me. College was good – it had all of it that’s required in Bollywood masala movies – from the comedians, that darned villain, the people of the opposite gender (to declare to the world that I’m straight till date), the best buddies (sidekicks), to the hero (Woohoo! Me the protagonist). Four years wooshed past in no time. So I’m writing this entry (without any trace of alcohol in my bloodstream) to tell myself that I’ve had some of the best times of my life go past. This post would be very pleasant to read (by myself) sometime from now – probably ten years down the line.

The four-bedded room – the room-mates from various states – the first time ragging experience – the songs sung to make those seniors cry – the first days in class – the first acquaintances made – the times spent lapping (as Bharath rightly put it) VIT’s main building talking to someone – shopping in Vellore – that special Baskin Robbins ice-cream – the computer programming lab – the chemistry-lab that choked us all – the history lessons that I barely managed to pass – the first summer vacation – bringing my house down – the class that was split into two – the late-night corridor talks – the impossible number of times photos had  been clicked – the loneliness – the Saturday-night walks down to the stadium – the birthday bashes (boy why on earth did I turn 19 that year?!) – the first industrial visit – the organizing skills – the class representative post – the time spent talking with everyone about everything – the department fest – the planned outbreak (with it’s leak to the Dean) – the first chance to become “politicians” (LOL!) – the GRE coaching classes – the celebrations for the department fest – the secret trip to Ooty – the million photographs shot – the one amazing week at college – the graduate record examinations – the talks about grad-school – the trip to Hosur – the first kiss (followed by yet another break) – the first booze party – the freedom out of hostel – the darned power-cuts outside campus – unlimited access to the internet – the million house/prison break episodes – the Simpsons! (d’oh!) – the talk-till-three with Mota – the chosen electives at course – the farewell party – the class party (darn we made that bus take a detour to avoid college security guards) – the tears shed bidding farewell – the pack-up all the way home – feels like it never ends . . . (now I’m using an ellipsis knowing it’s correct grammatical usage).

Well as they say, “life goes on.” And here I am in France utilizing every chance to ogle women, enjoy the romantic weather, post photographs, and oh, learn French (this apart from my work of course). Good ‘ol times. Every one of the above mentioned memory is special to me. I’ve gotten them in near-chronological order, but there definitely are more. And I’m sure all of you would have at least some of those memories lingering in your mind. So here’s a toast (on my blog) to good ‘ol college life! 🙂

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